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Stepping Stone #5 (Path/Alchemy and Mastery)

The Saboteur Archetype


I pray this Stepping Stone finds you well, happy and healthy!

We get to explore the Saboteur Archetype. Ya know, we all have one! I want to continue my encouragement to fall in love with all your archetypes. Get to know them, expand your relationship with them and learn all their secrets, value, and magic! And, yes… we really get to know the shadow sides as well! Our “Survivor” archetypes (Victim, Prostitute, Saboteur and Child) are immensely powerful in influencing our perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors. Which is why we truly need to develop our relationships with them.

I like to nail down a quick and easy photo of each archetype before we go deeper and going deeper is essential. So, at the end of the day the bottom-line purpose of our Saboteur is to teach us how profoundly important it is to be conscious, mindful, and aware of intention. Intention is everything! Without clear intention we can be pulled, pushed, and controlled by our fears and our shame. Without clear intention and direction, we are like a ship in the ocean without a rudder being blown and carried with the wind and tide, lost, alone and afraid. The light side of Saboteur keeps us on track and focuses our attention on our intention. In Deepak Chopra’s book, “The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success”, Dr. Chopra writes about the Law of Attention and Intention. “Whatever your attention is on, that is the intention you are creating and attracting.” Let us take some time to really get to know how the shadow Saboteur can get in the way of happiness, relationships, prosperity, success and, well everything!

Each of us have our own unique way we sabotage what we think we want. I know we all want to love and to be loved. I know we all want to be happy. I, also, believe we all want to be at peace. If we just take these three universal wants it will give us a baseline to discover how and when we sabotage success.

Let us take the first one, “to love and be loved”. I would like to give you just a few examples of how we can mess up that one. Example: You meet someone you are attracted to. You start a relationship extremely fast. So fast, that you cannot know who you are in a relationship with. You are not even aware or conscious of the fact that the person you are attracted to is very similar to the last person you were attracted to, you know, the one that didn’t work out? You are not aware that you keep repeating the same class on betrayal, or incompatibility, or the project that you need to fix. Often, we are attracted to unfinished business with a parent or unfinished business with the past. Maybe you have a rescuer archetype that is in shadow, that is when you are attracted to “the project!” Or maybe you have a knight or warrior archetype in shadow and you always get pulled in by a shadow princess or damsel. My point is, we the all have some attraction to sabotage. The opportunity we have is to do the deep dive and discover the, Who, What, When and Where that has the ability to pull you off your intention.

Core beliefs are the bottom-line cause of why we sabotage. As I have said before, the four core beliefs we all have are:

1. I am not enough

2. I am not worthy

3. I am not deserving

4. I am not lovable

When one of these limiting and negative beliefs in controlling you either consciously or unconsciously, you will sabotage! You can be in a relationship with the most amazing person and you will find a way and it will not be a new way to sabotage. It will be the way you sabotaged the last relationship. After you do that a few times, you will identify yourself by that behavior such as I am not reliable! I am too afraid! I am a paranoid personality! I cannot trust because of my past relationships or I can’t be trusted! Ok, you get the point!

Example: You get a great job! One that you have been looking for and you are excited. Then you begin to sabotage your success. How do you sabotage? You may procrastinate. Procrastination is one of the top ten ways we sabotage success of anything! Another way is to blame others or compete with others stifling your own creativity. Or your fear of not being enough jumps up and you shift your attention to fear instead of faith in yourself.

Example: You realize you are attracting abundance! In money or friendships or anywhere in your life. You may have a core belief that you are not deserving or worthy of such abundance. How many ways can we sabotage prosperity? Research shows that people who win the lottery within one year are in a worse place than they were before winning.

One of the ways we can all sabotage our goals, dreams, and desires as well as our own safety is to not have healthy boundaries. Your boundaries are based on your value system, or your 2nd house of Life Values. Healthy boundaries are essential in developing self-esteem and a healthy relationship with yourself. Boundaries are necessary for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. You are responsible for being aware of and taking care of your boundaries.

Becoming aware of the shadow Saboteur will save you years of pain and grief. The shadow Saboteur has a mantra, “Why does this keep happening to me?” (with a wine). And, by the way, the Saboteur not only sabotages your goals, it will undermine and sabotage others!

A fun and informative exercise: Take all your archetypes and one at a time have a conversation with them. Ask these questions and write the answers in your journal.

1. What are your greatest fears?

2. What do you do when fear takes over and you let the shadow Saboteur take over? Do you get angry, quiet, aggressive, passive, controlling, etc.? You will notice that each archetype may have a different way to sabotage?

3. What can I learn from the Power of Intention and being mindful and aware of my intention. How and what will I need to change and shift?

4. What do I need to release, let go and forgive if I am living in the light Saboteur, in clear intention and clear vision?

Please spend some time with this one. I pray you can see and feel how important it is to be conscious, aware, and mindful.

I Love you! Blessings, Peace and Health.


5th Stepping Stone PAM May 14, 2020
Download PDF • 59KB

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