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Stepping Stone #3 (Path/Alchemy and Mastery)

Hello My Friend,

In your first Stepping Stone Assignment, I spoke about “Sacred Contracts.” I hope you had a chance to read Carolyn’s perception of “Sacred Contracts”. I wanted to share with you my experience of sacred contracts.

A few decades ago, I was going through a divorce. Divorces are not usually much fun and mine was brutal. I was angry, betrayed and felt like a wounded animal much of the time. I have always been a spiritual woman. I know that I came into the world knowing God. My knowing was never a man in a robe or a punishing critical being. Even as a child I knew that I was loved and seen and protected by a benevolent force. So, when I was going through this time of turmoil, I was asking a lot of questions of the Divine. Who, what, when, where and why questions? Actually, at that time, mostly why questions.

I have always been able to communicate with Divinity. I have always prayed and often just have conversations. Even today if you were to pass me on the freeway you would think I was on the phone. Sometimes I am, more than that I am having conversations with my car pool Angels. Well, getting back to the topic. One day I got an answer to the why question that I couldn’t ignore!

All of a sudden, I found myself standing in clouds. There were clouds all around me above me and below. They were in layers as well, as if they had settled over large stones. I could sense I was not alone. It seemed like there were many others all around me, but I couldn’t see them just knew they were there. Then I heard a resounding voice ask, “And, what do you choose to experience this time on Earth?” As if I had been preparing for eons I answered, “I choose to experience the beauty of service!” The resounding voice spoke again, “Who will assist this woman in her quest?” Without hesitation I heard another voice say, “I will” then the resounding voice spoke again, ”Will you accept and acknowledge, that in assisting her she may hate you; she may curse you?” The answer was, “Oh yes, I love her that much.” In that moment I knew it was the man I had been married to for 15 years, the father of my 4 children. I could see and feel how vast our soul contract was. In that moment, I realized I was witnessing my soul choosing my life intention. Forgiveness came in a flash when I realized the sacrifice, he had made to send me on my journey. At the time I had absolutely no idea what the beauty of service meant.

Because of my divorce I have been experiencing the beauty of service for Thirty years.

In 12 step groups my experience is referred to as a “Spiritual Awakening.” What I know to be true is that we are all on our own trajectory to discover who we are and what we are doing on this beautiful planet.

So, here’s the deal! We all signed up for a semester or two on planet Earth. Our purpose here is to grow and mature spiritually. I signed up for some hard classes. I was excited, willing and so confident as a spiritual being that I could handle anything. I bet you were too. Signing up for Earth School is like earth school. You start in kindergarten or preschool and go up through 12th grade and then higher education. Each step is a bit harder, but you are gathering skill and knowledge and confidence along the way. There are the required classes that we all must take like:

· Forgiveness: In kindergarten forgiveness is when your friend eats your after-nap treat: or when your sibling breaks something important to you. Think back on your life and all the times you have forgiven or have been forgiven. Graduate school forgiveness is when someone you love and trust betrays or abandons you, or both; or when you betray or abandon someone you love. Just so you know, we all play on both sides.

Here is a short list of Soul Earth School Classes that are required at every age :

· Accountability and Responsibility

· Compassion

· Pure Love

· Creativity

· Balance

· Gratitude

· Surrender

· Faith

As I said, that is a short list and a very important one. In addition to the required classes, we all choose our electives. Areas we are passionate about and that we want to expand and blend from a spiritual dimension. In my vision, I chose service. We all serve in some way; it is impossible not to; how we serve is personal. The classes you signed up for are also Sacred Contracts. Just like in the 3-D (three dimensional) world, you don’t have to keep a contract. You can sign up for a class and not attend or not do the homework. You get to choose. However, you do get to take the class again and again, and sometimes again, until you get it. We can all relate on so many levels to that truth.

As we explore archetypes you will discover your Soul’s intention here in Earth School. You will also have the opportunity to mindfully participate in your curriculum both required and elective. Before I proceed, you may want to write in your journal anything that has surfaced about your life.

Archetypes: let’s take another look!

I know you are all in the process of working on your Archetypal Wheel. Some of you are discovering your birth wheel and some are casting a question wheel with actions and gifts. At any stage you are in; it is a fabulous journey. I do want to share a bit more about archetypes.

Archetypes are like blue prints. They carry form and shape. Archetypes are imprints of symbolic memory, texture, behavior, thought patterns and ancient memory. We all have cellular memory we have inherited from our ancestors and carry from past life memory. Often our archetypal wheels are road maps into our history as well as our future. They are always roadmaps of our present.

While Archetypes have light and shadow aspects, they are not good or bad. Archetypes are neutral. Like a pendulum they can swing from shadow to light and often very quickly. Sometimes we can get stuck in the mud of our archetypal imprint and believe that is who we are. We have limiting and negative belief systems that are deeply connected to our archetypal wiring. Our behaviors, beliefs, perceptions, attachments in fact our entire reality can be and probably is based on our personal archetypal matrix. What a fascinating expanse of soulful information to explore. In fact, taking a deep dive into YOU, is the undiscovered country.

Ok let’s go! Out the gate we need to spend some time with what are called the survivor archetypes.

· Victim

· Prostitute

· Saboteur

· Child ( We all have All of the children, the one you will work with and listen to now is the one who is the loudest. That is the one that needs your attention now.)

Because we are wired to look for problems and what is not working when we see these names we don’t want to go there. We assume it’s all going to be bad. Not so, in fact you will discover that these four archetypes can be your greatest teachers as well as your Super Soul Hero. We do need to check out the shadow aspects so that you are mindful and conscious of the choices you are making.

Several years ago, a movie came out called Spy Kids. While watching it with my granddaughter Makenna, I noticed that there was a chant that was repeated often, it was, Who, What, When, Where. It occurred to me that as we are waking up to our Divine nature, our Super Soul Hero, these are the questions we need to be asking. Not the “Why” questions that either come from our whinny victim or child archetype or our aggressive angry shadow victim, child, avenger, warrior…. Ok, you get the picture?? Let’s change the language to one where we can empower ourselves by discovering what it will take to free ourselves from fear and shame-based beliefs and defensive behaviors. For Example:

· Who or what do I give permission to spin me out or tip me sideways.

· What is the story I tell myself or others that keeps me in that cycle?

· When am I more likely to go into shadow? In 12 step groups HALT is the answer to that question: When I am hungry, angry, lonely or tired, HALT.

· Where is it? Where do I feel it? What am I feeling? What am I thinking? Are there places or people that trigger my fear belly? Where do I choose to Be? Who do I choose to be? What is the shift that I need to make right now?

We are rewiring our systems, all of them, so we need to be conscious, aware and know that we are always accountable and responsible for the choices we make.

Which takes us to the first Archetype we need to create a relationship with, our Victim? We all are very familiar with the victim. Usually we see the shadow side in others. We talk about how “they” are being a victim. What we truly need to focus on is how the shadow victim presents to us. Remember, this evolution is an inside job!

My Victim is in my 4th house and sits across from my Saboteur. I rarely go into the poor me side of the victim, or even the why is this happening to me whinny side. I have a Warrior in my 2nd house and a Queen in my 3rd house of communications. When my victim is in shadow, I get angry, put on my Zena Warrior Queen attire and its “Off with their Heads!” Trust me, it’s not pretty. And, it is how I Sabotage my Highest potential.

My point is, we all have a pattern of shadow victim that shows up uniquely to each of us. Our job is to truly and honestly get to know that pattern as well as the story that connects to it and the behavior that follows. To do this we get to be responsible and accountable our 1.Thoughts, 2. Feelings, 3. Behaviors, 4. Willingness to make the shift!

And that, my friend is the light side of the Victim. At the end of the day the Victim is teaching us all to Be Present and Aware that regardless of what is happening in the world around me or even in my closest relationships the truth is, I am ALWAYS Responsible for myself, and I am ALWAYS accountable for what I think, say and do!

Take the rest of this week and Play with that Victim.

If you are in Alchemy, play with the axis and the actions Divinity has asked you to take.

If you are in Mastery, play with the Victim, look at the axis, the actions and the gifts.

I would love feedback from you ALL. What are you discovering? When you are present do you see your thoughts, feelings and actions shifting?

How your archetypes present themselves is in relationship to the house they sit in. So, as you awaken your knowledge and relationship with your archetypes read and educate yourself about the house they sit in as well.

Next week we will talk more about the Prostitute. I know, we all have a reaction to this one! I have Prostitute in my 9th house of Spirituality. Imagine my first reaction! Really, prostitute in my Spiritual house! I was indignant! And as I became aware of my spiritual contract, I learned that for my Super Soul Hero to grow and thrive I MUST live each and every moment in my honor and my integrity, no exceptions! I believe that is true for us all. The deep dive within is discovering, What is my honor? Who Am I? When is my honor challenged and what is the story I tell about that? Where do I feel my honor and integrity in my body? What do I feel when I know I have sold myself out for perceived security?

Please connect with your groups. Combine groups as well. Zoom seems to be a good way to stay connected.

Love, Light and Blessings


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