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2021 Letter of Intention

2021 Letter of Intention

Hello My Friend,

We are at the beginning of a New Year and as such a new cycle in our lives. Cycles are part of the human experience. Every minute, hour, day, and year we experience the repetition of cycles. We are becoming more and more aware of our repetitive nature. As we wake up to our true and pure potential, we can each become active and aware co-creators of our lives. The beginning of this New Year, this new cycle is a wonderful opportunity to create clear intention and direction for your next cycle. I invite you to spend some time in reflection, introspection, and choice. Enjoy!

It may also seem as if time is speeding up. While time is relative, what is speeding up is creation and making it appear and feel as if time is speeding up. Or as I hear often, we feel like we “don’t have enough time.”

There are energy shifts going on within the Earth Mother and these shifts affect the energy within our own energy field. We feel the shift and can often mistake this “quickening” as fear and react to the shift in panic and fear.

I realize I am writing paragraphs that truly demand and require time and attention. I assure you for those of you who are willing we will give this evolution the time and attention it deserves throughout the year. For now, I invite you to be a conscious creator in your destiny. The first key in the evolution of our own personal consciousness is to be “conscious”; to be awake and aware of self, beliefs, behaviors, defenses, wants, desires, and the truth that you and I are active participants in our own reality. We are creating every minute of every day. Knowing that, wouldn’t you want to be aware of what you are creating?

As I sit in prayer and meditation, I become more and more aware that Mindfulness is essential at this point in our evolution, Personal Mindfulness as well as Collective Mindfulness. There are many personal dogmas as well as tribal dogmas that are being questioned and challenged at this time. You have a responsibility to mindfully and consciously wake up to the unconscious dogmas that you carry personally as well as collectively.

So, let’s begin by working through some assignments that will assist you in consciousness. For over three decades I have worked with the transformation of the human consciousness in healing and empowering ways. I have researched tools that I believe assist each of us in truth and awareness about our own individual and collective awakening. I hope you will take the challenge and “Be the Change” you want to see in the world.

So, let’s begin. Step by step.

First Assignment - Reflection

For this work you will need a journal. Start a new journal for this year.

Begin by reflecting back on the past year. I would like you to write about the following:

1. The first place to start is gratitude! Actually, the first, the middle and the end! However, let’s start with a look at the past year and write about what and who you are grateful for. Take all the time you need for this one. Then move on to the next questions.

2. What have you learned during this past year about yourself?

3. Write about five things that you have learned that have made a positive impact on your life. Now write about five things that you have discovered about yourself that you would like to release. These may be beliefs or behaviors; they can even be physical things that you are attached to and possibly even relationships. Have courage and BE honest with yourself.

4. Write about five people that have made a positive impact on your life. What attributes do these people have that you admire?

5. Take some time now and notice if you have common themes that reoccur in your life. Examples: Relationships that seem to play the same lesson or theme over and over. In the relationship you have been in for some time or in a new relationship with a new partner, have you ever said to yourself or others, “Why does this keep happening to me?”. Another example may be jobs, friends or circumstances that continue to reoccur. Really explore this topic in your life. This is rich information for you to discover. If the same circumstances happen over and over again, you are being asked to look deeply at yourself to see how you are contributing to the co-creation of your reality. In short, anything that continues to manifest in your life is a lesson or contract that is set up to assist your evolution. Feeling or acting like a victim will not shift reality. It will only attract more of what you have been getting in bigger and better ways. So, look at all areas of your life and truly take the time to see if what you are attracting is what you want.

Areas to look at and spend time on are:

- Health

- Your Relationships (look at as many as you feel are important to you now)

- Your work or Career

- Creativity

- Family

- Personal Time

- Self Esteem

- Communication

- Spirituality

- School or continuing education

By all means make your own list of priorities. This exercise in reflection is very important. You may find that in looking over the past year you find common themes that have repeated over years or in fact have continued over your lifetime. It is very important to practice releasing all judgment you may have at this time and be the witness, see yourself as the researcher of your life. At this point nothing is good or bad, let’s let go of that thought process right now. It is what it is!

Second Assignment - Create

Take the same list, including anything else you may have identified that is important to you and start creating!

What do you want? What dreams do you have? What are your desires? What are your goals? Really play with this and have fun!! If you are in relationship with someone that you want to create with, play this game with them as well!

Let’s take some time and talk about creating what you want. Many times, when I have this conversation with people I am working with either in retreat or individually, I get some resistance at this point. For some reason we have been taught to believe that we don’t deserve to get what we want. By the way, I would love to get rid of the word “deserve”. However, in this transition, we will use it because it is so prevalent in the current reality, we are living in. The word “deserve” begins in the lowest of “lack realities”. When you begin your thoughts with the word deserve, notice how you feel in your belly. Now, imagine that you are ordering a meal at a very fine restaurant; you have been invited by the owner of the restaurant to order anything off the menu that you want. This restaurant is abundant and beautiful. You are a guest, highly valued and respected. There are no prices on this menu, nothing is deemed of better or lesser value. You simply get to choose and only your preconceived value system places higher or lesser value. What would you choose? And would you be grateful for the experience?

Well, that is what I am asking you to do. In this abundant and beautiful process called active co-creating of life, your life! What do you want?

The Universal energy field or divine matrix IS responding to YOU! What do you want!!!

I think, in fact I KNOW, that it is vitally important to pay attention to what you already have. Many times, when we are setting intention, we spend too much time looking at what we “Want” from the perception of what we don’t have. I do not want you spending time in thoughts or feelings in the scarcity pit. So, shift your perception now and pay attention to what you have. In addition to this “Gratitude” blissful time, KNOW that what you want you already have, it may not have manifested into reality yet, but you can feel the peace and joy in knowing that when you set an intention, live it, be it, think it, feel it, you are in the co-creation zone!

Ok, that seems like enough for now. Take some time, enjoy!

Love and Light, Namaste’


2021 Letter of Intention #1
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