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Stepping Stone #4 (Path/Alchemy and Mastery)

Hello My Friend,

I pray this Stepping Stone moment finds you well. This is such a challenging time for all of us. So many changes are happening in many of our lives. In the past two weeks, 6 of my closest friends have experienced a parent transitioning into spirit. What a difficult time to go through that transition. We cannot have a traditional funeral or even the healing support and compassion of our loved ones on a physical level. Funerals are truly for those who are left in the 3-D world. It is a ceremony of honor, gratitude and acceptance. So many of our rituals and ceremonies are sitting unattended at this time. I am sure we will be discussing our personal as well as collective experiences for some time to come. What I do know is that we go through a process of grief whenever life as we know it changes especially when the change is permanent or dramatic. As I have mentioned earlier, many of our young adults who do not have the opportunity to walk for their graduation or attend their Senior Prom are feeling stages of Grief. Weddings have been postponed or done online. Holidays, birthdays and family gatherings have been put on hold.

This collective energy of grief cycling our planet is big!! So many precious souls have left this physical world in two short months! It feels like a mass exodus! Just a few days ago, as I was in meditation, I received a message that I want to pass on. In short, I was told that all those who are leaving the planet at this time, did not sign up for this part of our evolution. They did, however, sign up to assist us all from the dimension of spirit! Our opportunity, to begin with, is to stop and ask our self if we are willing to shift and change our beliefs and behaviors that keep us in fear and shame and anger or any thoughts or emotions that keep us stuck in the problem and unable to discover how we can build our world in new and healthier ways right now!

As our world is shifting, we are all going through the stages of grief. We are also connected to the collective energy and frequency of grief. Our grief can be from the loss of a loved one to the loss of our way of life. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Stages of Grief are:

1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Depression/Anxiety

4. Bargaining

5. Acceptance

These stages of grief are like a wave in the ocean. They come in and go out. You can move back and forth and sometimes feel like you are dealing with some or all of them in any given day. As we reach the stage of acceptance, we start asking the question, “Where do I go from here?” We begin looking for our smart options and we start to see the opportunities and solutions amidst the chaos and waves. We begin to release, let go and forgive. We realize that our suffering often comes from clinging to being attached to our past life and our old-world view. We reach a tipping point from our old-world view. We go within and discover who we truly are and what we want. We have the opportunity to build and create the world we want.

In our last stepping stone, I asked you to become mindful of your Victim archetype; of the Victim stories you tell yourself and the defensive thoughts and behaviors that accompany your shadow Victim language. I pray you have a better understanding and relationship with that archetype. The light side of the Victim is extremely powerful in manifesting the life you genuinely want to live. The light side of the Victim is entirely focused of Being Responsible and Accountable for yourself regardless of what is going on around you.

Now I want to talk to you about your Prostitute archetype. This one always gets our attention. Usually we want to deny that we have ever been the prostitute. The Survival Archetypes need to get our attention. When they are in shadow, they can destroy our life as well as the lives of those we love. If we want to choose, we will take the time to see how the shadow shows up. So, do not deny you have a shadow Prostitute, we all do. The shadow has compromised your honor and your integrity for perceived security. We do this in our relationships, our jobs, our daily inner actions with the world and often we are not even aware we are selling our self out because we have been doing it for so long. When we lose our honor, we cannot bargain our way back and we cannot buy honor. We cannot borrow it; we simply must earn our honor and integrity back. Our self-esteem, our sense of who we are as well as our relationship with our self is based on living in honor and integrity.

Making friends with these Survival Archetypes is essential to happiness and to creating the life you want. That is why we take the time to have intimate and honest relationship with these parts of ourselves. Be excited to discover all levels and aspects of the Victim, Prostitute, Saboteur and Child.

Let me remind you that Archetypes are blueprints of thought patterns, they are also universal patterns of behaviors. They are neither good nor bad, they are simply patterns that have been around since our ancestors painted on rocks. In fact, all you need to do is look at pictographs or petroglyphs as well as the beautiful artwork inside the Egyptian pyramids to see how our ancestors depicted archetypes. You can easily see the King or Queen, the Warrior or Slave, even the Shaman or Priest. Just a few of the myriad of archetypal options.

We all have the Prostitute Archetype and this one is the guardian of your soul. We have all spent a good deal of our lives in the shadow as well as the light side of the Prostitute now is the time to mindfully discover how and when you are in your honor and integrity and when and with whom you sell yourself out.

Your Prostitute is your financial planner. He/she negotiates what is important to you. What is of value to you from where you live to what you do as well as the spiritual resources that are available to you. Your Prostitute is involved in exchanges and negotiations as well as what you invest in both in the material world and your emotional, mental and spiritual life. The Prostitute relates directly to your self-worth and how you measure your own value.

When we are in shadow, we place our value on what others think of us, the stuff we have or the job we do. It is the external that we show the world and our world view is “They” and whoever “They” are have the power. We give more than we receive, or we do not give until we have a guarantee that “They” will like us, love us and want more of us. In shadow we take it to the limit and then when healthy people walk away because the game is so crazy making, we blame them and get to be right that we are not enough. Wow, how exhausting!!! In shadow, we have limited options and we do not even realize that we are much smarter than we are thinking acting or being!

When we are in the light side of the Prostitute we are living in our honor and integrity. We are independent of “Their” opinion, and that does not mean we are arrogant or in our ego. We are confident and mindful of our words and our actions. We are learning, expanding and because we know we are growing and evolving we release our attachments to control, being right and manipulation. Honesty and vulnerability are assets. We feel lighter, we are more creative, we have a sense of humor and we are happier.

As you become more mindful of your Prostitute archetype you will discover there is a spectrum from shadow to light. Sometimes you will be aware that you are deep in shadow but that is not bad; it is an opportunity to discover more about yourself, your history and your choices. There will be time you will feel like you are on top of the world, totally free, light and clear; this is also a time to discover what is important to your soul. Remember, the Prostitute is the guardian of your soul! Much of your life will be moving from shadow to light on the spectrum as you explore the undiscovered territory of who you truly are.

I want to share and example of this spectrum. Carolyn Myss talk about a skyscraper or a building as an example. I like her metaphors and I have added my own interpretation so please bear with me. I love to combine the metaphor of the skyscraper to the chakras or energy centers you have within your own body.

Imagine that you live in a skyscraper. There are seven floors. Imagine it is in a big city on a busy street. Now imagine that you have no idea there are seven floors because you have lived on the 1st floor your entire life. All you know is what you see and hear on the 1st floor. All you know is what you have been told. You have learned how to defend and protect yourself from the chaos, abuse and judgments of others. You have learned the rules of the tribe. In many cases the rules are 1. No talking 2. No Feeling 3. No trusting. You feel isolated even in your family. From the first floor, this is the real world! This floor represents your first or Root chakra. While you have access to ancient wisdom, we all have superstitions, tribal rules and limits that are passed on and often need to be reevaluated. Then one day you notice a stairway and you decide to see where it goes. When you get to the 2nd floor, you realize there is not as much noise or chaos. You can look out the windows and see there is a greater expanse from the 2nd floor than the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor you are ready to have a relationship, maybe trust a bit more, on the 2nd floor relationships are more important but you still have the fears and the beliefs and the behaviors from the 1st floor so things are often still in shadow. Our second chakra holds our cellular beliefs and experiences of relationship, trust, creativity, shame, worth, prosperity or the lack of it. I refer to our first, second and third chakras as our fear belly. Eckart Tolle calls this part of our physical and emotional body as our pain body.

Then, you discover another flight of stairs. Once again you decide to ascend, and this ascension is wired into your human condition. The need to grow, learn, connect and evolve! On the 3rd floor you have an extended view. You see yourself and how you view the world around you and how you feel and think about yourself. You are in your 3rd chakra. You are asking the questions “Who Am I? Who Do I Want to Be?” You become more conscious and aware of how you are feeling. What feels like fear and what feels happy? You also become more aware of when you give yourself away or lose yourself as well as how fabulous you feel when you stay in your honor even if it is scary. You become aware, mindful, of negative self-talk. The time you say “I AM NOT” statements. The statements I have discovered over the last 30 years of working with evolving souls are “I Am Not Enough”; “I Am Not Deserving”; “I Am Not Worthy” (this one seems to be connected to religious cultures). And finally, if I am not enough, deserving or worthy “I Am Not Lovable!” And Bam, your fate is sealed. However, what we all know intuitively and from our Soul is we are here on this planet and part of this Earth Walk to Give and Receive Love. We fail to thrive when we shut ourselves out.

The next flight of stairs takes you into your Heart Chakra. On this level you have the opportunity to discover what has heart and meaning to you. And my friend, this is a lifelong journey. Discovering how and when to love and take care of yourself is an essential launching pad for you to give and receive love as well as the ability to take care of others. In the classroom of Love, we find that our definition and experience of Love is infinite. We are always growing, changing and evolving into and beyond our earthly definitions. There is no graduation day or arrival and in that is where we find the magic. I believe that living from our heart is where we find truth. Developing our ability to feel and express empathy and compassion is an essential element in the evolution of our soul. Once again, your Prostitute archetype is the keeper of your soul!

Our next flight of stairs takes us to the 5th floor, our throat chakra. This is where we learn and develop the ability to communicate. Having said that, please be aware that every moment of every day we are in communication, with our self, with our environment, others in our life as well as the dimension of Divinity. Research has shown that 90% of communication is nonverbal. Communication is body language as well as the energy or frequency we are releasing. Our fifth chakra is where we learn language and the vibration of sound. In his book, “The Four Agreements”, Don Miguel Ruiz teaches about how profoundly important it is to our Honor and Integrity to “Be Impeccable with My Word”. Let me remind you that reading “The Four Agreements” is a Stepping Stone right now. There are three books I read every year and have for the past 30 years. Every year, while there is much I know and recognize, I find I am reading a new book; Parts that I have never seen before; Parts that only now in my evolution I am able to understand! These books are essential primers for the evolution of our soul. They are “The Four Agreements” and “The Fifth Agreement” by Don Miguel Ruiz; and “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra. Please take time to read these books and take your time. Read one chapter at a time and mindfully apply what you learn to your life. Take a few days or even a week before you read the next chapter. Use your journal to ground your experiences with these ancient and profound life shifting truths.

The 7th floor is our crown chakra at the very top of your head. I know you all have a copy of the “Egg of Light” meditation. You received it when you did Inner Child. I cannot express strongly enough how important it is to practice filling your physical body with the healing, loving light and energy of the Universal Divine Pure Love. We all have unlimited access to the field. The Divine field is measurable, it is in everything and everyone and for the skeptic, it is truth in quantum physics. At this point and always, you do not need to believe me. Do your own research. Find truth and please stay away from conspiracy theories. I say this because often you are reading someone’s theory that is based on shadow and fear. Our own scary stories can derail us from the truth, we really do not need to be derailed by someone else’s fear. We have some really smart minds that have done the research and have beautifully woven ancient wisdom (first chakra in light) with inspired research (7th chakra in light).

My prayer is that in doing this stepping stone you can find a pivotal or source moment where you can embrace your Prostitute, your honor and integrity and live with eyes wide open, clear sighted, inspired and resistant. What I have learned over the past decades is that when our Prostitute is in light, we can balance all the other amazing and beautiful and Divine parts of ourselves.

Just one last note for today: You will find yourself on the 1st floor or in your root chakra often. That is NOT bad! It is a wonderful place of connection, grounding and learning. You will have opportunities on every floor and in every chakra to learn about yourself, your history, your beliefs and behaviors. You will let go, release and forgive some; You will want to expand and develop others. I believe the key to balance is to make your heart the center, the mediator of your experience. Fill yourself with light every day!

Blessings and Love



I put two heart meditations on my website that you have access to. Many of you have the CD’s. I did these meditations for us all to practice being in Heart Based resilience. That is where our heart is giving instructions to our brain and our brain is receiving.

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