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Stepping Stone #2 (Mastery)

I know that many of us are still out in the world working in hospitals, care facilities, grocery stores, pharmacies, public utilities, etc. I am deeply grateful for all of you who are making it possible for many of us to shelter in one place and lower the curve of the covid-19 virus. If we could all spend at least 5 minutes daily visualizing beautiful healing light around all our community, I cannot express how helpful that is to us all.

During this year we will explore the Power of Intention. Lynn MacTaggart has spent decades of her life doing research on the Power of Intention. Her recent book, “The Power of Eight” is a culmination of years of work and research. She has documented dozens of experiments that show clearly how powerful our intention is (also known as prayer).

Just a reminder, whatever your attention is on IS your intention. We need to practice mindful intention at this time. Divinity is clearly saying, grace period is over, suit up and show up! Let me be clear, Divinity did not create this virus, humanity did. It is a manifestation of fear, anger, hatred, judgement, and shame. Our job is to irradiate all of that and transform our world view to Compassion, Love, Joy, Gratitude, Peace, Serenity, Grace, Beauty and so much more.

For us to “Be the Change” we want to see in the world we must be mindful. Mindfulness is being present, and it is more. It is being present and aware of what you are thinking, feeling, saying and doing. It is recognizing when we are acting out of fear or shame or anger or any of the emotional frequencies that only add to the problem. When you have created an intention to live in a higher vibrational frequency you get to witness how often your energy drops into fear, anger, judgement or shame. This realization can be difficult; however, it is critically necessary for our shift to happen. The key here is to have compassion for yourself and others as we clean out our mental, emotional and physical closets. When was the last time we really focused our attention on what no longer serves our highest selves?

While we are in the process of the clearing out process or the releasing, letting go, forgiving and surrendering part of the Lotus Life expansion, we get to take a look at our tools. Anyone who works with tools, and my guess is that is all of us, knows how important it is to have good ones; tools that are taken care of and maintained. What we are not aware of yet is that we have all been using defensive tools, like judgment. Let me say here that discernment and judgement are two-way different perceptions. Judgement is coming from a perception that something or someone is better or less. Another way to put it is, someone wins, and someone loses. We can replace judgement with practicing discernment. When we do, our perception is, “What part is mine?” “What will serve the highest good of all?” Just this shift moves us all into a huge paradigm shift where we can create the world we want. Of course, the same is true when we get into anger or fear or shame. All these emotions are destructive to our self-esteem, our relationships and our creative impulse. Having said that, we are going to feel all of them, we all are. The difference is, we get to be mindful of where they are coming from, our thoughts, our triggers, our past, our shame. This is our moment to listen. Listen with compassion, we will discover that many of our fears are connected to shame. Shame is when we believe that we are bad, wrong, not enough, not lovable, not deserving and not worthy of anything good beautiful or Divine. Wow, that is harsh. Because we have all been in this 3-D world for some time, we all carry shame. We have a fear-based and a shame-based world. Now is the time we get to shift. Before we can live our lives as the beautiful Super Soul Hero that we truly are, we need to get rid of the lead that holds us down, that lead is the fear and shame we carry.

Some of us have been doing this work for decades now, and what I have discovered is that I can witness myself today with so much more compassion and honesty on a daily basis than I did in the first few years I began my evolution. For those of you who feel like you are just beginning, the process is much faster and can be much easier because you are in a group of mindful participants.

IN your packet, and if you do not have a packet you can download the packet from the Retreat Connection Library on my website. If you need the password it is 2020.

- Pull out the scale of vibrational frequencies done by David Hawkins (Document name is 07 Power vs Force. Put it in a place that you can check in to see what your home frequency is. Where do you spend most of your time? What is the energy you are feeling and sending out into the world? What is the energy or feeling you want? Creating intention is essential.

This is where our Archetypal Wheels can assist us in the change we want to see, feel and create. Your wheel is your personal fractal. A fractal is a repetitive pattern. I believe we are all fractals of Divinity, each of us has our own pattern, texture and combination of colors that weave together to create the tapestry of humanity. I will share more on this a bit later. Your wheel is a Divine Road map. It will reveal every part of your life and the opportunities that are available to you. Each house represents a piece of your life and all the pieces are represented in the wheel. The archetypes you have selected make up your personality and how you take yourself into your relationships, work, families, spirituality, well every part of your world. Your wheel is a Divination tool; it is a mirror of yourself. Learning to read Archetype is a process, but you were wired for it before you arrived on Earth, so be patient as you awaken the skill to see and read and relate symbolically. And, connect with your groups! Connection and Communion with other evolutionary spiritual beings is also an essential part of our plan.


1. Put your wheel in a place where you can look at it every day. Choose the Axis that is jumping out at you. You do not have to figure this out. Get out of your head and open your heart and look at your wheel.

As I look at my wheel, I can tell that my Ego self wants to pick my Visionary in my first house. My head says pick that one and I can hear the debate within. My heart and my soul tell me to look at my 4th house where my Victim lives, and it is across from my Saboteur in Highest Potential. I have been practicing and evolving the ability to Be Responsible and Accountable for myself and not fall into the Shadow Victim, for a few decades now. I know the deep ugly of that one far too well. When I am in the Shadow Villain of Victim, I sabotage every part of my life; there is no sacred space. My Shadow Victim doesn’t get wimpy; I get angry and my anger is big! If you think I make a difference in the world when I Love, imagine what I can do if I go dark. Ok, let go of that now :)

The actions I need to take in the 4th house is Nature Child and 10th house is Mystic. I get to commune with nature as I commune with all of Divinity. I get to Be in nature. I get to meditate and commune in and through nature as I gratefully live in beauty, love and gratitude. I get to love and take care of myself and in doing so, I can Be a powerful change in the world.

The gift I receive from the 4th house is Slave. I devote myself to Divinity; to the divine plan. I trust; I surrender. The gift from the 10th house is Heroine; Bam!!! My Super Soul Hero truly requires me to pay attention!!

In my journal, I have gone deeper and have been very clear on thoughts and behaviors that I realize I may have been attached to. Also, I have discovered people and experiences that I still have some heat or resentments about. Release, Let Go, Forgive and Surrender.

2. Your meditations are essential as well. Prayer is when you ask, meditation is when you listen.

3. Journal, Journal, Journal!!!

4. You are all in groups of 8 or more. We get to focus each week for the next several weeks on healing intention, or it can be manifesting intention. Ropes Event: What do you want your group to focus on for you? Then BE vulnerable and ask for the attention of your group to assist in creating your intention. (Be aware of what axis is triggered in shadow as you do this ropes event.) Are you willing to Give and are you willing to Receive? The Universal Law of Giving and Receiving is in front of each of us right now. What will you choose? Also, include your group in your evolutionary process. What we share we teach. Here is another opportunity to Give and Receive.

5. Be of service! What can you do right now in this unprecedented time to serve and assist others? And as you do you are mindfully aware of Loving and taking care of yourself! Which one of these is harder for you? Giving or Receiving?

Suggestions: Call a friend. Send a card. Do the Golden Pause World meditation on my website daily! If you have kids, play with them; Be the light in the room for them; listen to them, they are taking your lead. If your kids are living somewhere else, Face Time them. Read books with them or play games on your phone or computer. Listen, listen, listen. Practice compassion. Please do not give advice, listen all the way through; interview; ask questions. Most of us know intuitively who we are and what we need to do. See if you can resist telling others what they should (shame) do and interview with a knowing that you have a divine being sharing with you that is on the verge of awakening.

6. If you have a Path or Alchemy person in your life assist them. Share your experience with them and show interest in what they are learning and doing. We didn’t get to begin our year in retreat, and I know they are all eager and willing. Each of them has a group leader from Mastery and these beautiful souls are doing a fabulous job! They do not need help, but we can all assist one another to be al-one instead of alone.

7. There is a book that has been on our reading list for a few years now. It is one of my go to books, “Frequency” by Penny Pierce. In this time, it is a fabulous read or listen to. In future weeks we will be working assignments from this book. If I haven’t already sent you one, I can send it to you from Audible.

Love, Light and Blessings,


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