Life Changes

If you are reading this, you have probably noticed some changes in your life.  Often the changes that we first begin to experience can be frightening.  For some, the changes begin as slowly as a shift in perception.  For others, a critical life experience is the motivating force; like a divorce, financial crisis, or possibly the death of a loved one.

Several years ago I began noticing the need for spiritual healing.  The first retreat I created twenty five years ago was Inner Child.  I met a woman at a Carolyn Myss workshop that asked me if Inner Child work was still being done.  I was surprised because healing the child in each of us is essential baseline work.  If we continue to carry wounds, resentments and anger from our past that toxic residue will contaminate any current progress and goals.  Past wounds get in the way of our ability to trust ourselves as well as others.  All of our relationships depend on healing the child within each of us.  As we heal the child we open a gate to a far greater awareness and spiritual awakening.​

Humanity is awakening to a vast new frontier of spiritual evolution.  We are evolving within our own skin into multi-sensory and multi-dimensional paradigm.  Those of us who work in this field are amazed at the evolution that is taking place.  Most of the people that I see are aware of the shift taking place within them.  However, often they are a bit confused.  It is not uncommon for new people to look at me and say, "I really don't know why I am here."  At this point, I know why as if there is a timer set in each one of us and when the bell starts to go off we need a coach to assist us in the process of waking up to our highest potential.  If we try to ignore the bell, life has a way of getting more and more difficult not to punish us but just to get our attention.  If you are reading this, your bell has been going off.  It is time to step up for the most exciting and excellent adventure of spiritual awakening.

Over ten years ago, my husband, partner and best friend passed away.  His death was sudden and unexpected.  I was suspended in a vortex that threatened to pull me under.  For several months, I struggled with the grief and the ecstasy of being so close to someone who had just crossed over.  So many amazing experiences were happening to me and I was, also, in such incredible pain.

I was searching for direction and assistance to deal with my experience. I began taking classes and doing workshops with James VanPragg, Brian Weiss, Carolyn Myss, David Whyte, Ram Dass, Raymond Moody just to mention a few.  I have studied the collective works of Ken Wilber and Integral Psychology.  I have loved delving into physics and books by Stephen Hawking and Gregg Braden.  I have studied religions and mystics.  My search has been to gather information, data and ceremony that will assist the process of awakening.

Fifteen years ago, I was fortunate to be taught Native American ceremony by a wonderful teacher, Buddy "Silverwolf" Cannon, a Choctaw Medicine Man from Louisiana.  I share his teaching in several of my retreats.  Native ceremonies are expecially healing in our culture.  My work is eclectic in that I bring together the best of many cultures to assist in the process of Transpersonal Psychology.

I know that we are all energy and the frequency that we vibrate at gives us our perception.  Depressed, angry, resentful, addicted or fearful people vibrate at lower frequencies.  Therefore, their perception is one of fear.  As we begin to heal, our vibration quickens.  Our perception broadens.  In short, our world changes.

I have included a brief description of retreats that are available to assist willing souls in this most excellent adventure.  I hope to meet you soon and welcome any questions you may have.